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How to connect to Heartland RP

1. Join the Discord

2. After joining the Heartland Roleplay Discord, make your way to the rules and read over the server rules carefully.

3. Upon reading the server rules, head to verification station and use the cowboy emote to receive the Members role and the bird emote emoji to get the Allowlisted role.

4. Once you have received the Allowlisted role in Discord, you can join the Heartland Roleplay server by searching RedM for Heartland Roleplay or by hitting the F8 key and 

connect 99kqyk

If everything is working properly, you should be loading into Heartland Roleplay for the first time! Welcome!


If the above steps do not work

1. Check to make sure you reacted to the correct emoji in verification-station bird emoji  and cowboy emoji

2. Make sure you have Steam and Discord open prior to opening RedM

3. Make sure your RedM/CFX account is linked with your Discord account, this can be checked by looking under RedM Settings (located in top right of main menu screen) and then looking under ACCOUNT. You should see the Discord logo and your username followed by a number.

4. Make sure you are not running Discord as  Administrator


 For Epic games launcher users 

A known issue with Epic games launcher causing launch conflicts... here's a guide for those that may run into this

Problem: Launching RedM and getting stuck in an infinite loading screen when joining Heartland or any other server via RedM.

Likely Solution: 

1. Un-install RDR2 via Epic Games launcher
2. Un-install Rockstar Games launcher via Windows programs and features manager.
3. Clear cache folders in RedM appdata folder.  This is done by opening file explorer and navigating to [%appdata%\local\redm\redm application data\data]
4. Restart pc
5. Re-install RDR2 via Epic Games launcher (no need to launch game)
6. Re-install Rockstar Games launcher
7. Add RedM to Non-Steam games in your Steam library.
8. Remove any RedM shortcuts from desktop and add a shortcut for the RedM launcher from your Steam library.
9. Profit! 


This process assumes you have a CFX account,  are logged into said account in the RedM launcher, and have linked said account to your discord account

After trying each of these steps and trying to log in, if you still are not able to log in feel free to open a support tickets and the Admin/Staff team will be happy to help you

 Voice chat 

Currently, we are using in-game voice chat, the default is N

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