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These rules are in place to make Heartland Roleplay a safe and enjoyable community to be part of! These rules are enforced by our dedicated Staff Team so be sure to read the rules thoroughly before jumping into the server.


All players must be 18 years of age or older, if you are under that age limit there will be repercussions. NO sexual harassment OR racism of any kind will be allowed on this server otherwise you will be banned permanently, with no appeal. All characters must be 18 or above. We understand some people may want to have characters younger, open an 'Event/Character Req' ticket on discord to be approved by staff. One person may only have one character that is underage.


Be original. All characters and their names must be unique, and should not be from TV shows, movies, books, or any other popular media & history, living or dead. 

By verifying yourself on the discord server you have agreed and accepted that you have read the rules and that you will follow said rules. The consequences of the rules will apply to you whether you have read them or not. These are subject to change.

There is a zero tolerance for: 

- Racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and sexual harassment

- Hate speech, hate crimes and slurs

- Stalking, predatory or creepy** behavior towards any members of the community

- Personal insults or attacks outside of roleplay

- Slave roleplay

- Suicide and self-harm roleplay

- Infanticide


There is a zero tolerance towards any use of glitches, exploits, or hacks. If you find a glitch or exploit, please notify staff through a bug report on discord. 

If you are found to be in breach of any of these rules you will be removed from the community, without a chance for appeal. Zero tolerance on any of the above means a permanent ban.

** This behavior will be investigated by staff. The decision will be final.


- Do not post inappropriate content.

- Do not post personal information about yourself or other people.

- Do not harass members of the community.

- No racism, homophobia, transphobia, hate speech, personal insults, etc towards other community members.

- Your discord name/nickname needs to at least contain your main character's name.

- Please DO NOT message staff members privately about server matters.

- Do not be in discord calls while you are in the server.



This server is streamer friendly, always assume that anyone around you could be streaming. DO NOT use information from a stream and use it IC otherwise that will end in severe punishment. To show that you are Live on the server add Heartland RP to your stream title. Do not add it if you are streaming on another roleplay server.

RP that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (TOS) or Twitch Community Guidelines is prohibited.



We expect EVERYONE to roleplay properly as it could break other players' immersion.

FailRP is prohibited, and is the act of breaking character or doing anything unrealistic that could break one's immersion.

Using modern-day lingo is not allowed, you must speak and use terminology according to the time and year, 1900.



- Disregard injuries. ALWAYS RP out your injuries.

- Initiate any major felonies 30 minutes before a server restart.

- Force yourself into an ongoing scene/situation.

- Play music through your microphone

- Repeatedly target the same players.

- Have an inappropriate character name, or an already established character or actual person (Harry Potter, Tony Stark, Doc Holiday, etc) be original and creative.

- Engage in slave Roleplay.

- Reengage in a combat scenario that you were already downed in.

- Break out of hogties, you can do so after 5 minutes of being left unattended.

- Engage in gunplay over roleplay. Do not resort in just attacking another player without having a story-driven/character-driven intent behind it.

- Bait Doctors or LEO's just to rob or kidnap them.

- Engage in enforcing the law if you are not acting on behalf of a law enforcing agency (vigilantism). If LEO's are present on a scene, it is not your job to enforce the law.


If you witness a rule break PLEASE finish the scene before submitting a ticket.


Powergaming is prohibited.

It is the act of doing anything that could give you an upper hand, unfair, or unrealistic advantage when roleplaying. Powergaming is trying to control a narrative that isn't yours to control by forcing an outcome preferable to you.

- Abuse of game mechanics to gain an advantage during roleplay is prohibited.

- You are not allowed to swap items or money between your characters.

- Downing an individual with the intention of making them "forget" the events that had just happened is strictly prohibited.

 Powergaming can take several forms, but it is generally rooted in “playing to win” or a focus on playing the game, instead of honoring the creative roleplay. Playing your character should always be more important than playing the game. Roleplay over gunplay. 



NVL is prohibited. You should be able to articulate an action that risked their life. If you cannot articulate this reason in character and without using in-game mechanics as a basis, then you are in breach of NVL. If your character takes a high risk, you must roleplay the consequences of those actions in case of failure.


ALWAYS value your life in any situation. Your life is more important than a gun or $20.



RDM and VDM are prohibited. This is the act of intentionally hurting someone without substantial roleplay beforehand. 

There must be a reason or motive behind your actions for wanting to harm another individual/character.

- Lack of initiation, saying hi then blasting them isn’t good enough.




Anyone in a high status within the server CAN NOT be corrupt (Marshals, Judges). Any form of corruption roleplay (doctors, LEO’s, lawyers, government officials) will need to be submitted within a ticket and approved by an admin. If your character is found guilty of corruption, RP/IC consequences may ensue.



NLR is prohibited. If downed and respawned, your character may not retain their 'memories' of the events that led up to the injury 30 minutes prior to respawning. A character must not hear/remember conversations while you are 'unconscious'.

The New Life Rule is primarily in place to prevent circular retribution RP. Use common sense, and do not pursue people that downed you immediately after you are revived.


Metagaming is prohibited. This is the act of using information that your character could not possibly know of. Information you gained out of character (OOC) may not be acted on or disclosed in character (IC) until your character has learnt of it naturally IC.

Metagaming can ruin someone's story, so don’t do it.

If you have multiple characters, they cannot directly know each other. You cannot transfer information to those characters by sending yourself telegrams. 


You may change your voice by the use of voice changing technology in such a way that it sounds natural.

You may not change your voice by the use of voice changing technology in such a way that it sounds unnatural. Such as sounding like a robot or supernatural.

You may not play music through your microphone.




You cannot ID people by their voice alone, not everyone is a voice actor. There are many other ways to ID someone (ie. scars, clothing, items, etc). This also means you cannot identify someone by their accent either.



- When robbing an individual of weapons, you may only steal weapons that are visible on their person.

- You are prohibited from completely wiping a player's inventory.

- Players decide what would reasonably be on their character's person.

- You cannot force a player to withdraw anything from their personal bank or house inventories. 

- You are not allowed to rob someone and then down them.

- You are not allowed to down a complying hostage.

- You may not repeatedly target the same players.

- You are not allowed to commit major felonies or rob banks/stores 30 minutes before or after a server restart.

- It is advised that you leave evidence in the form of scenes of crimes that have not been witnessed to enhance further RP from a scenario. 

- Do not just go around killing locals out of boredom. This is not RDO and does not add any substance to RP.



- Torture someone without OOC consent.

- Try to force perma someone's character. Such as taking actions that the character would not reasonably be able to recover from.

- Dump someone's body in a place where it cannot be retrieved by a doctor (Bottomless pits, middle of lakes.)

- Interfere with players you have downed. You have no reason to remain to make sure they respawn by local doctors. Do not wait to ambush a doctor coming to help them. Do not move their body to make sure they cannot be located, this is powergaming and disrespectful. 

- Attempt to rob players that are in a menu (banks, poker, blackjack, clothing store, etc).

- Attempt to, or succeed in, robbing a person after they have removed themselves from RP and are clearly AFK.

- Sell any illegal items in New Austin as it is lawless and no local LEO's have jurisdiction in that area. 

- Store/deposit the bank notes that you just received from a bank robbery, in the same bank that you had just robbed. 


Luring law away with the sole intention to kidnap or rob them is strictly prohibited.


Quitting out of the game during an active roleplay scenario (such as medical RP) is forbidden. After committing a crime, you must wait 15 minutes prior to logging off.


You may not dump bodies in irretrievable places such as deep water or bottomless holes that are inaccessible to other players.


Players should utilize common sense when hogtied, if their character isn't positive escaping makes sense, then they should not attempt to escape.

Players should generally not break out of hogties unless:

- Your captor has left you unattended for 5 minutes. 



You are only allowed to take weapons that you can see. Pocket wiping is prohibited. You must leave them with a minimum of 3 food and 3 drink items.

The player being stolen from may not switch out a gun that is lesser value in their 'pockets' to prevent the weapons being seen, to be stolen. (Carrying a Navy revolver in your holster, then dropping a cattleman while being robbed.)


Do not leave them handcuffed otherwise an admin or another player will have to uncuff them.

Do not use friends as willing hostages.



-If you are downed during a shootout or hostile situation, you are completely unconscious and cannot speak. 

-You cannot remember anything you see or hear while you are downed and unconscious. 

- You may not re-enter a shootout you were just downed in.

- Do not force yourself into an ongoing scene/situation that would not reasonably pertain to your character. 



- You must ask for consent to torture either via DM's or by doing /ooc message at the scene.

- You may not 'kill' someone directly after torturing them. Downing the player causes them to forget the torture scene and prohibits further RP from happening. 

- Permanent damage to a character requires further consent.



- Players can only decide to perma (kill off) their own characters. 

- You may not force someone to perma their character.

- Once the character is dead, they remain dead. 

- If two individuals consent to a duel, the result will end with at least one dying and perma'ing that character.




Gangs and Native tribes are allowed up to 10 people within their groups.

The max size for a posse is 5 people. A posse is defined as a group that must travel to undertake a hostile action. A posse can be a group of criminals, lawmen, or civilians.

That being said only 5 lawmen can act on said crime as well to make it even 5v5.

Any group defending against a posse that were already at a location (camp, hideout, etc), is not obligated to form a group of 5. Every individual present may make their own decision whether they wish to fight. 

If a hostile party of 5 rides into a town and undertakes a hostile action against the citizens, the citizens are not obligated to make a party of 5. Any citizen who is so inclined, may take up arms to defend the town. 



If two gangs or groups are at war, it is the responsibility of the leader of said groups to decide on war terms alongside staff via the discord ticket system beforehand. The posse limit for gang wars can go up, to but not exceed 12 players. This is the war party. The war party must be designated in the ticket. However, they may be substituted for other members in the alliance by outlining the substitution in the ticket. This is so injured players may drop out of the war party, or members that have an OOC absence. A substitute may not enter the active war party for 5 hours after the substitution is approved by staff within the ticket. 



This server does not tolerate any kind of disrespect, toxicity, racism, hate speech or sexual harassment towards ANYONE within the community.

This server is a safe space for people to create stories and have fun doing so, we do not tolerate any kind of toxicity or disrespect toward anyone in the community. Doing so will grant you a one way ticket out of here.


If you wish to do any kind of Supernatural Roleplay you must gain permission from the staff team by creating a ticket under the ‘Event/Character Req’ section.

Be mindful that everyone does not enjoy this type of RP and may wish to not be involved.


You can only own 1 house and 1 business per person. If you commit any crimes in your business, IC consequences may ensue. You may not hold another player hostage, or a downed player's body, behind a locked door unless previously approved by that player. 

If the property is inactive for 3 weeks or longer, without notice, your house and/or business will be seized and put on the market and/or auctioned. 

If the property is inactive for 8 weeks, even with notice, the property may be put back on the market. We understand this is frustrating. However, this is in the best interest of the rest of the community.


To roleplay pregnancy your character needs to carry the baby for 4 weeks IRL time. Once the baby is born you cannot have anyone portray the child for up to 4 months IRL time. 

Pregnancy loss RP or infanticide is strictly prohibited.

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