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Welcome to Heartland Roleplay! This is a community built by roleplayers, for roleplayers. We strive to be different, aim to be better. We are creating a fun, yet innovative server. We value respect, passion, creativity, and diversity.

Here, we aspire to have a higher standard. An elevated standard of roleplay, and a better efficacy from the staff team. There is an intricate approach for the staff team to maintain a checks and balances system from the management and administration team. As seen from experience, the admin team, or the friends of admins can have an unfair advantage. That will not be allowed nor tolerated here. The management team is here to help, and here to facilitate an environment to develop the community’s RP. At the end of the day, we’re here for you, the community. As a staff team, we aspire to have integrity, approachability, and transparency with the community.

Our vision for the server is to be as much a player-ran economy as possible and to enable organic and creative stories. The staff team has been involved in multiple facets of RP, so we understand the importance of every role within the server. Each job/role is integral to creating the world in which our characters live in.

This will be an ever evolving and improving project with the help of the players within the community and from the hard work and dedication of the staff team. There will be continued improvements for the betterment of the community. As well as features and content continually added. We will listen to the input from the community members and implement changes that will improve the quality of the server. We are building a habitat for experienced and newer RedM roleplayers alike.

The people of the community is what makes the server great. We know it’s discouraging to keep starting over in a new server, and we hope to make Heartland your forever RP home!

~ Ironhide77


Q: How can I boost my stamina?
A: You can’t permanently boost your stamina. However, there will be items in game that offer a temporary boost.


Q: I can’t call my horse out of the stable. Why isn’t it coming?
A: Whistling doesn’t bring your horse out of the stable. After buying your horse you need to select it from the stable, then you need to go to the stable boy (wheel icon on map) to bring out your horse. 


Q: Do I need permission to hold an event?
A: No, you do not need permission to hold an event. You can RP out anything you wish, if unsure just reach out to staff. 


Q: How do I change my hair?
A: You can change your hair at the barber shop (scissor icon on the map). It costs $10.


Q: How do I go about purchasing real estate?
A: Currently real estate isn’t open for purchasing. Everyone will be informed when it’s open for purchasing.


Q: I keep getting an error message when loading in. What can I do?
A: Before joining the server, you must go to the verification station and react to Cowboy Bird emote.


Q: I have an infinite connecting screen?
A: You can clear your cache. If you’re unsure how to do that type !cache in community support, a video will pop up watching it will explain how to go about clearing your cache.


Q: My character is stuck on the wrong gender, what can I do?
A: If you’re unable to click on your preferred gender exit out of redm and try loading back in.


Q:My character is invisible, how do I fix this?
A:Switch the male and female options back and forth in creator and you should be able to see your character. 


Q: How do I get on the back of someone’s horse?


Q: How do I make money?
A: There are lots of ways to make money you can hunting, fish, farm, mining. Also asking around to see if people know someone who is hiring or even paying to do a quick job.


Q: My body is invisible.
A: Type /loadskin , if the problem persists after, try relogging to fix the issue.


Q: How do I roll my sleeves?
A: Hit DEL then arrow down to and hit enter on roll sleeves.


Q: Infinite boats?
A: It’s a known CFX issue, not a server issue. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it


Q: I can’t create my character or spawn in Valentine.
A: Valentine is a busy AOP (Area of Play) zone. It has been removed as a spawning location to help with scuff. 


Q: How do I use a fishing rod/or fish?
A: Equip your rod, apply the fishing bait by using the bait. Hold down your right mouth button and cast with the left. 


Q: How do I raise my bandana/mask?
A: Hit DEL then arrow down to bandana or mask and hit enter on it. That’s how to raise/lower it


Q: How do I sit?
A: Use your Z button to pull up sitting options

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