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- If boxing matches are to be held in pig pen and no doctor is present, this will be punishable by law. You must request a doctor, and that doctor must be willing, present and say they will help in order for you to start and have a proper match.

- Guns on the back are permitted, however, brandishing or discharging a weapon is punishable by law. If gun violence gets too high, guns on back will be prohibited via an order by the Sheriff/Mayor

- Intentionally angering or harming the locals is prohibited.

- Intentionally angering or riling up the horses is prohibited.

- Horses are to be fled/hitched unless you are authorized personnel.

- All business owners are within their full rights to defend their personal property. Personal property is limited to the building in question and must not filter outside to the streets or porches.

- Any businesses found to be involved in criminal activities are grounds for immediate deed confiscation and license removal...
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