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If criminals have been convicted twice on two separate occasions of murder they do not get to go through the rehab course again. If corrupt officials are found guilty they do not get the option of the rehabilitation course they are to be sentenced to death for their crimes against the County.

Maximum punishment

A prisoner cannot be sentenced for more then 150 Days in Sisika. A Prisoner cannot be charged more than 10,000$ DO NOT EXCEED LISTED PUNISHMENTS IN CRIMINAL OFFENSES. To send a prisoner to Sisika their sentence must exceed 45 days.

Prisoner Transfers

When sending prisoners to Sisika they must be transported to the nearest dock in order to transfer them to the island. For example from Valentine the prisoner must be taken to either Annesburg, Vanhorn or Saint Denis to send them to Prison.

Stacking Penalties

There shall be no stacking of charges that are of victimless crimes or crimes that have taken places previously.

Class 3 weapon (Illegal)

Scoped high caliber Rifle or automatic weapon. (Rolling Block Rifle, Carcano Rifle, Maxim Gun, Gatling Gun)

Controlled Substance

Swamp weed, Moonshine, Cocaine, Opium, Meth

Illegal Tools

dynamite, molotovs, handcuffs (without license), Lockpicks

Growth and/or intent to sell

Any person(s) found with more than 2 seeds or instances of controlled substances on their person at time of arrest will be charged with intent to sell the controlled substance and therefore is subject to harsher punishment. If more than 10 instances of Class B substances are found in a person's possession (in their pockets or in a wagon or house owned by them) then the charge is adjusted to be a major felony.


A plan by two or more people to do something unlawful or harmful., where one of them commits an overt act in furtherance of that arrangement.


The court date can be bypassed if the accused pleads guilty. (Court date if judge is not available will be telegramed to prisoner) In all cases being an available judge or not the prisoner will be sent to Sisika and charged 25% of their penalty. The fine and time will be reimbursed if its proven the person accused is proven innocent. If a prisoner misses their court date the trial will continue without their presence. The prosecution will still need to provide a valid argument for the judge presiding

Time Served

Time served is given for time spent waiting for a lawyer and processing.

Maximum Punishments

Maximum punishments should only be charged if the crime is deserving. The punishment should be equal to the level at which an individual committed the offense. Think of it in terms of the percentage of which you believe the individual committed the crime in relation to the worst possible violation of the crime.

Bench Trial

Any individual is allowed to request a bench trial - however they must serve their minimum time requirement while awaiting a bench trial. A request for a bench trial must be filed with a judge of the correct jurisdiction.

Protected Persons

Malicious crimes with pre-meditation committed against LEOs, Doctors, State Employees and Elected Public Officials are subject to Maximum Time and Double Fine if the crimes committed are due to the individuals profession and are outside of the expected risk of their jobs.

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